Our research facility includes the following:

  • A patient reception area
  • Four private patient assessment / blood draw rooms
  • An IV infusion room with weight scales, sphygmomanometers and ECG recorders
  • An endoscopy suite with video capabilities equipped to perform sigmoidoscopies, colonoscopies, esophagogastroscopies and biopsies
  • On-site emergency equipment, CPR certified staff, oxygen, defibrillator and a major hospital is located nearby (9 km).
  • A laboratory area with 2 blood processing stations, 3 centrifuges,a -80°C freezer and a secure study medication refrigerator (2-8°C). The refrigerator and freezer are "laboratory grade" and are continuously temperature monitored.
  • A secure ambient temperature study medication and document storage area
  • A spacious monitor / conference room with telephone and internet access for use by Company representatives during monitoring visits and audits
  • All equipment is calibrated on an annual basis